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Real Estate Sales


Low-altitude aerial media is quickly becoming the standard in high-end residential and commercial real estate marketing plans.  The aerial approach gives potential buyers a unique bird's eye perspective of the listed property and can help to showcase architectural details, expansive landscapes and breathtaking views.  With the use of either high resolution images or professionally edited high definition video in your listings, your property is certain to stand out from the crowd and generate significantly more interest.

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Construction & Architecture


Low-altitude aerial media can be used to document the progress of your construction project from above for just a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial imaging.  With quick access to expansive views or close-ups of out of reach details, ideas can be clearly communicated between Architects, Designers, Sub-contractors, Lenders, and Clients.  Having photographic documentation of each phase of the project also allows for a visual reference when needed for future renovations, change orders, or to display your work for prospective clients.

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Resort & Campus Tours


Unlike traditional ground based photography or video, low-altitude aerial media provides a unique bird's eye perspective that can encompass all that your vacation resort, campus, or recreation club has to offer.  With our professionally edited high definition video, viewers are treated to an aerial tour of your grounds, certain to capture every unique detail, iconic landmark and breathtaking view. We specialize in capturing your audience's attention while showcasing your property's strongest features.

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Inbound Marketing & Advertising


Perfect for creating content to include on your website, brochures, or TV commercials, low-altitude aerial media will help to make your marketing efforts and advertisements stand out from the competition.  Previously unavailable to all but the largest production budgets, our services are certain to provide you with a professional and creative look.  We specialize in capturing your audience's attention so you can connect with the viewer and deliver the message of your marketing campaign.

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Film & Video Productions

Looking for that perfect shot that is just impossible to capture with conventional ground based filming equipment? Trying to gain the competitive edge with an awe-inspiring extreme or traditional sports highlight video? Want to emphasize your creativity with a sweeping panorama in your next music video?  With a live-streaming video downlink to our ground station, you see what our camera sees and keep creative control of your production by directing us on the camera angles and flight paths. Dragonfly Aerial Media is available for all of your filming needs.


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Private Outings & Events

Create lasting memories of your upcoming private outing or event with a unique bird's eye perspective.   Perfect for those situations where conventional ground based photography or video aren't capable of accurately representing the scope or grandeur of your surroundings.  Ideal for outdoor sporting events, concerts or performances, races, golf tournaments, regattas, parades, community activities, charity events, and fundraisers.  Our products make a great memorabilia for event participants and are a creative way to gain positive publicity for your cause.

Additional uses include:


Planning and Zoning

Golf Course Flyovers

Recon and Monitoring

Mountain Resorts

Farming and Agriculture

Structural Inspections

Marinas and Boats

Crime Scene Assessment


Wedding Receptions


If you have an idea for an application not listed above, please contact us to discuss the potential uses for aerial media in your project.